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About LTC

LTC is a company of theatre artists abstracting familiar spaces to create theatrical experiences where lines between space, performer, and spectator are constantly shifting. Exploration is at the root of our experiences--we challenge ourselves hoping to see audiences challenge themselves in return. 

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LTC Story

Founded in 2016 in Iowa City, Iowa. At the time, politics was more theatrical and engaging than what was happening on our stages. Skyler Matthias founded Lightswitch as a space to explore how to engage the apathetic and enable the silenced. While studying theatre and entrepreneurship at the University of Iowa, Skyler pitched an immersive theatre company called Lightswitch to two different pitch contests and received $800 to produce a show. He then produced two shows--Tender Napalm and Platform. Following a four-year hiatus, Lightswitch Theatre Company has returned and is currently producing work in Little Rock, Arkansas. 


January 2017 

a play by Philip Ridley

Past Work
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