Peace Corps Volunteer

  • Guidance Classes

    I teach ~20 hours per week with students ages 9-18. Classes range in topics from goal setting, drug awareness, English, time management, critical thinking, problem solving and career readiness.  

  • Theatre

    I have helped students to develop their own play to present at an annual Thai Youth Theatre Festival. Also, I have taken students to theatre competitions and hold club hours focused on theatre and performance.   

  • Teaching English

    Through weekly clubs and private tutoring, I help develop the speaking, reading and writing English skills of students from age 6 to 18. Here are two of my students participating in a very involved activity while learning about clothes vocabulary.  

  • Tour Guide Club

    With a co-teacher, I develop a weekly club focused on developing students English speaking abilities and an engaging them in entrepreneurship and as a tour guide. On the left is a picture of students giving tourists a free tour at the local floating market.   

  • Camps

    I have participated in, organized and helped lead multiple camps on topics of English, drug prevention and sexual reproductive health. In this picture, you can see me leading the Cupid Shuffle at an English camp hosted at a local school.  

  • Mentoring

    A lot of my time as a volunteer has been spent individually with students, helping them navigate growing up and encouraging them to be themselves while reaching for and setting advantageous goals.  

  • Healthy Lifestyles

    Playing football, exercise, and eating well are all things that I have spent time encouraging students to participate in. At the beginning of many of my classes, before engaging in activities around various life skills, a warm up and energizers were a common norm.