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Post Peace Corps I’m gonna be out on the trails hiking the Pacific Crest Trail—2,653 miles from Mexico to Canada through beautiful California, Oregon and Washington. I'll be hiking through deserts, mountains, and forests. I'll pass through five national monuments, six national parks, 25 national forests, and 48 federal wilderness areas. I'll be seeing some of the most incredible landscapes on this continent. I can’t wait to spend everyday living out of my pack and becoming bonafide hiker-trash. Wanna help? Post-trail, I hope to attend grad school and study Educational Leadership. In order for that to be a feasible option, my goals of hiking the trail must also be realized without going into the red financially. That's where you come in! Working at Peace Corps wages for the last two years hasn’t given me the best opportunity to save so if you’d like to donate to your favorite little world traveler, that’d be incredibly helpful! Anything helps. This money is going to help me live out my dream of taking on this massive adventure, as well as continue my work trying to do good in the world. Donate a little or a lot, but no matter what stay tuned on my Instagram and Youtube! Onwards!

I will be wearing a bow tie for the length of the trail to raise awareness of the anti-human trafficking work Dressember is doing and play small part in ending the huge global problem of modern slavery. All I ask is for 1 PENNY for every mile I walk. That is $25... can you do it? I'll hike it. I promise! 

Donations to Dressember go toward the rescue and restoration of people in slavery across the world. Thank you for donating! 

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